All About Amazon Alexa App

The Amazon Alexa app is the best to your Alexa-enabled devices that lets you easily set up. And manage your Alexa experience at your home.
You can Set up your smart home devices, control or check the status of your smart lights, and locks at home. Also, automate your smart home devices by creating routines.
Connect with friends and family using Alexa app. Call and message your Alexa contacts and connect instantly with your home.
Organize your day, to-do-lists, and view shopping, know weather and news updates, alarms, and more.
Ask to alexa echo
Easily set up your music. Connect Alexa app to services you already use like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and more to play them on your Alexa-enabled devices. Also, you can create groups of compatible Echo devices to play music.
You can Ask Questions to Alexa
Alexa is always getting smarter, and there’s always something new to try with Alexa app.
You can get started with some of the Alexa commands below. Still, Are you waiting for your device to arrive? Talk to Alexa through your smartphone. Let’s do it.
“Alexa, good morning.”
“Alexa, how are you?”
“Alexa, tell me a joke.”
“Alexa, sing me a song.”
You can ask more questions… 
Download Alexa App

The Alexa app is available on:

Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher
Android 5.1 or higher
iOS 10.0 or higher
Desktop browsers

Visit Here to download Alexa app.

Download Alexa App For Setup Echo dot, Setup Echo plus, Echo show Setup, Amazon Alexa Setup, Echo Setup.

  1. Echo/Echo Show – First, Download Alexa App for Echo setup or Download Alexa App for Echo Show setup, from https //

amazon alexa app

You can also download it from your app store, this includes google play as well.

Now that you have downloaded the app, follow these steps:

Find a spot for your Echo Show, place it 8 inches away from walls and windows. Plug it into an AC power outlet and use only the power adapter that has been provided. Alexa should turn on automatically and say “Hello, your Echo Device is ready for setup.”

amazon echo show

Onscreen prompts should appear now, asking you to Select Language, Connect to Wi-Fi (make sure you have your key code or password handy), Confirm the Time Zone and Log in to the Amazon account you own. Make sure you read and accept the terms and conditions.

Updates, if any, especially firmware updates will display as an updates ready message. You can now tap ‘Install now’ and the installation should take a couple of minutes. You will be notified once the updates are complete.

    1. Echo Dot Setup

      Before you set up your device, make sure you have all the essentials parts of the product. You should have received a standard micro USB cable, a power adapter, a Quick Start Guide, A card with some simple Alexa commands.

      Next, plug in the micro USB into the back of the Dot. Plug the other USB end into the adapter and insert it into a wall plug. Place your dot in a central location of the room. Once the echo starts up, you should see a blue light. It will take a few minutes to run through the initialization process. An orange light finally indicates that the device is ready to go online.


The Echo Dot does not come with a screen. You will have to continue the setup using your phone. Install the Dot using your phone. You can download the app from https // or from the app store or Google Play. If you don’t have a smartphone, use the Alexa Web Portal.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in to your Amazon account (create one if you don’t already have an account). Once you have signed in, you will have to accept the terms of use.

A list of Echo devices will appear and you should select ‘Echo Dot.’ Press the continue button and your phone should automatically connect to the Echo dot. Now, add the Echo dot to a WiFi network. Once your Dot is online, you need to select from three hearing options – Audio Cable, Speakers & Bluetooth. Choose your preferred option and you’re good to go!

  1. Echo Tap Setup

    – First, download Alexa App for the Echo Tap setup. It is free to download the app and you can get it from https // or the app store, or google play. Once you’ve downloaded the app on to your smartphone you will be able to play music, create reminders, shopping lists, set alarms and much more!

Turn on your Amazon Tap and set up Wi-fi. To do this, first plug in the device to a power source and when the power outlet is switched on, the device will shift colors from blue to orange. If you face any trouble with turning on the device, you should try the Amazon Tap Troubleshooting or you can always contact customer service.

Once the device is on, connect to the Wi-Fi network. If you are unable to do this automatically, press and hold the Bluetooth/WiFi button on the device until you hear a beeping noise. A light should turn on, now open the app and under Settings, select ‘Set up a new device.’

Amazon Echo Tap Setup

Once you are done, you can begin using your Echo Tap. Just tap the microphone option on the device and call “Alexa.” You can turn on the hands-free mode to use the device to its full potential. Press and hold the power button if you want to turn the device off.

  1. Echo Plus Setup

    The Echo plus comes with a Dolby speaker, security sensors, temperature sensor, and a cover. You can connect it directly to any compatible device and use offline voice controls as well.

First, download Alexa App for Echo Plus Setup, either from the app store, Google Play or https //

Amazon Echo Plus Setup

Now find the right spot for your Echo Plus so as to get the best sound clarity and allow the device to be able to hear you clearly – a central location works best. Ensure that you place the device at least 8 inches away from windows and walls. Make sure you have received all the parts of your device. Use only the adapter and charger that has been provided.

Start off by plugging in the device into a nearby AC power outlet. Now Alexa will say “Hello, your Echo Device is ready for setup.” You will see a list of on-screen prompts.

You will start by selecting a language, then connecting to the Wi-Fi, after which you will select the Time Zone and finally log in to your Amazon account. Create an account if you don’t already have one. Firmware updates, if any, will be processed and once this is over you can start using your device. Add skills to the device to start using it to its maximum potential.

If you face any trouble, you can seek help on https //