How To Download Alexa App For Alexa Echo Show Setup?

Here is a step by step guide on Alexa Echo Show Setup and download Alexa app for Echo show. Your echo show set up can even be done through a web browser. Check out for this option. A part of echo family, Amazon Echo show can be differentiated from the rest for its 7-inch touchscreen. It is a hands-free speaker device that responds to the woke name “Alexa” and follows orders that you give it, if technically possible. Once your echo show set up is complete, you can see the visual output on the screen of the device. The device allows you to change music, have the news read, check the weather forecast and so much more just like the other echo devices. What makes the echo show stand out is that you can even screen and watch shows from the internet on its screen and even better video calls others with the same device. The device is able to detect when a person enters the room and promptly respond to the woke word “Alexa”. You can easily set up the Echo show device to other smart devices in your home and have them under your control. You can also get the lyrics of the song you are listening to on the screen of the device using Spotify, iheartradio, and TuneIn. It makes you work much easier by controlling your smart home by just using your voice. It only gets better by allowing you to monitor other passages and rooms in your house through its screen.

Set-up your Echo show

  1. Download the Alexa app on your device and sign

Using a strong internet connection, download Alexa app from the app store of your smartphone. Now create an Amazon account ID and sign in using your credentials. To download the Alexa app, you need to have one of the following OS:

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  1. Turn on the Echo Show device

Plug your echo show device to the power adapter and charger that is given along with the product. Ensure your device is placed in a spacious manner to have clear communication with it. Turn on your device by pressing the power button. Wait for the blue ring light to turn orange. Once this is done, your Alexa echo show setup is almost done and ready to use. Alexa will greet you and instruct you on how to connect the device to a wi-fi network. Follow the simple and easy-to-follow instructions and get started.


  1. Talk to Alexa.


Use the woke word “Alexa” to get started, once the light on your screen turns on. This woke word can be changed into any of the other options in the settings tab later on. Your Amazon echo show set up is complete and your device is ready to use now.


Enjoy a hassle-free usage of your echo show device and make your smart home easier to operate with its efficiency. For any doubts or queries, check out


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