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Here is a simple step by step guide on how to Download Alexa app for your Amazon Echo setup. Visit to Setup Alexa Echo. The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device that can be used in multiple ways. There are several models of the Echo device such as echo show, echo look, echo tap and more. By connecting the device to the Alexa app, life can be made so much easier for you. You can have the daily news read, hear out the weather forecast, set alarms and reminders and change the music from your playlist as well. You can also connect this device to other smart devices in your house and control your smart home. By doing this, you can open and shut garage doors, turn on and off your lights and many more things.

1. Download the Alexa app and log in using your account

You would require a strong internet connection for this step. You will need to download the Alexa app from the app store of your smartphone to get started with your Amazon echo set up. You can download Alexa app for free if your OS supports the feature. The OS’s that are compatible with the app are:
* Fire OS 3.0 or higher
* Android 5.0 or higher
* iOS 9.0 or higher

If you are unable to download Alexa app through your phone, try using your web browser to do the same. You will require one of the following web browsers for this:
Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer (10 or higher). Check out the page

2. Switch on the device

Along with your device, you will be given a power adapter and charger. Connect the three together and plug it on to a switchboard. Now press the turn on button and wait for the blue ring light to turn orange. Alexa will then greet you and the device is ready for use.

3. Alexa Echo Plus Wi-Fi set up

Once your device has turned on, you will be given clear instruction on connecting your device to wifi to continue the Amazon echo set up.

4. Talk to Alexa and get started

Your Alexa echo set up is now complete and you can get started with your device. All you have to do is call out the woke word “Alexa” and your device will respond. This name has been set by default and can be changed at any time in the settings option on your device. Although you cannot set your own name, you can pick and choose from the names given to you.

5. Optional: Alexa Echo Plus set up to an External Speaker

You can connect your device to an external speaker if the power of your speaker is more than the inbuilt one. This can easily be done by connecting to Bluetooth or using an audio cable.
If you have further queries for your Alexa echo set up, you can read more on or contact the Amazon customer care or helpline and get help.